This document is published for sufficing the need of publishing of privacy policy regarding the dealing of information including non-sensitive and personal information. This Website is operated by While using this website, your access is somehow conditional upon the acceptance as well as compliance with below shared Privacy Policy. You will be counted as agreed to the Privacy Policy rules and provided by

It will also confirm that as a user of this website, you give consent to providing this company, all the required information for the below shared purposes and you clearly understand importance of such collection and storage of information is permissible under Indian laws. Following are few vital points which we want to share via this Privacy Policy for your concern. We suggest you to read the whole shared content carefully;

About Requirement for Information Collection

Collected information by this website is absolutely necessary to comprehend your browsing pattern, including locations as well as type of businesses searched. Well, such collection is required to provide a customized experience, to provide updated data, to provide transaction information, to provide new services along with special offers. Well, it helps us to calculate what can be of your interest. We are not having any sort of plan related to the rent or sell of your personal information. We are having a secure storage plan for your sensitive information. Only limited team members of this are having access to those databases.

About Our Information Collection Ways

Part of this Privacy Policy page has valuable information regarding collection and handling of all sorts of information that one user can share over this website. Well, this can be personal as well as non-personal information. Personal Information may include, name, telephone number, address, gender, images, e-mail address, date of birth, videos etc. Certainly, all these will be provided only by you while acting as a user of this website.

By browsing this website or by clicking on Submit icons, you may share such information and your submission will be counted as acceptance to shared Privacy Policy. If you are adding any comment as well as feedback on posted detail related to any business over this website, team of this website can collect name and e-mail address. Your name will be published with your published comment. But, email will not be shared over the web page. However, we may utilize that email to contact you.

About Cookies Utilization

Yes, we may utilize cookies to collect some type of information automatically about browsing activities of our users. We use them to compile aggregated statistics regarding the utilization of our website. This act will assist the monitoring team in understanding more about the use of this website. This monitoring team will work to improve this website structure. Due to their immense efforts, our daily users are getting best experience over this website.

About Utilization of Collected Information understands its responsibility towards Personal and non-personal information collected from above shared ways. With the help of this page, we like to assure that we will only use available information to provide a more personalized service for sufficing your needs. By registering and utilizing our services via this website, every user is deemed to have agreed to this document policy description. Privacy Policy should be counted along with our shared Terms on this website. This Privacy Policy applies to all sort of information and Details of accounts. Any sorts of disputes will be governed by combination of this shared Privacy Policy and Terms document as per the laws of India.

About Information Utilization for Marketing

After receiving your permission given to subscribe your details for direct marketing communications, we may utilize or shared your communication information with third party services. Such disclosure of information may make these third party services eligible for sending marketing related communications to you. However, one user can change preferences related to these market communications any time. Yes, you can unsubscribe as unsubscribe links will be provided in each marketing email sent to you.

About Sharing of Collected Information

We may use payment-gateway actually operated by third-party services. Thus, you might be counting that all the information provided while making a purchase is held by us. Well, we will be sharing this with them and they stored such information at multiple points. Being serious about this sort of information, we have arranged highly efficient security arrangements. Yes, our security arrangement makes it really hard for any kind of hacker to get into your stored details. Yet, we can’t guarantee for 100% security. Thus, we recommended that no user should send full details about debit or credit card in unencrypted electronic communications with

About Links from Third-Party Websites

You might have noticed links available over this website, which might lead you to another website. Well, this policy page does not cover all those third-party websites. Well, none of the advertisers fall into the circle of our privacy policy. Remember, all those linked websites are having altogether separate operations. And, we are not having any sort of control over them. Thus, their affiliation or association with should not be counted as the base of any legal claim. We will suggest our users to go their privacy policy before the use of their services. Here, we also like to share that we might share some information about your browsing habit with them, but such share of information will not have Personal information.

About Changes In This Privacy Policy

For the efficient operation of this website, we will require a periodic update in our policies. Thus, may modify this documentation of Privacy Policy. We hold back the right to add or delete few portions of this documentation without any sort of prior notice. Of course, we responsibly update the latest version of policy document over this part of website. Henceforth, it will be our user’s responsibility to keep a periodic review of this page about Privacy Policy documentation. Be regular to this part of our website and be updated about our Privacy Policy.

At the end, we would like to convey this message;

Our team is sincerely working for the best experience over this website for our daily visitors. We are truly sensible about the collected information. Hence, all sorts of updates will be totally in the favor of our visitors and also to make safer storage along with efficient handling of information.