About Khojme

This one is the flagship-product of Khojme. With the help of khojme.com, you can find information regarding multiple types of businesses in your nearby area. This is certainly a better information platform.

Here, we are catering to your impetuous requirement of vital information. This website is a wide-ranging directory of business related information. We have tried our best to keep all the posted information as accurate as possible. And, this collection is really having diverse types of business.

Khojme.com is here available 24X7 for serving its consumers with vital information. This one is a tremendously consumer-friendly online tool having the most accurate information.

It is good not just for consumers, but also for businesses. With the help of this website, you can actually reach to your customers with an ease. Yes, one business owner can reach to a big number of consumers using this robust and cost-effective web service.

Our team has given a great time for exclusive planning to create this portal. And, our iconic project has yielded pretty well. As a result, there is a great port with an absolutely strong hold over information related local businesses in your nearby areas. Khojme is here to serve the best quality projects.

Our online service extends par expectations with the geological mapping of businesses. This will help your customers reaching to your business place. And, this is possible by adding this mapping feature rather than just providing addresses as contact details.

In Khojme.com, our team has enlisted several businesses and we are pretty keen to have more submitted information. You can use our 30 days Free-Listing feature to add your business with Khojme.com

Don’t let this offer go and give some time to showcase your business in our online database. Share about your varied specialties in the online space. Well, you should jump to create that unique space now! Go ahead, click on submit listing!!

  1. This is really a wonderfull advancement done by khojme team.I salute you all.

    1. Thanks for your comment @Pawan kumar, keep using our services and if you have any suggestion related to our website please send to us using feedback option.

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