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  1. 5.0

    From my own experiences, I may define BusinessKrafts as not only a service provider, but also supervisor to help its client in achieving success in startups. The complete responsibilities the agency takes for its clients is someway unique. Thanks for the digital marketing startup training, guidelines and technical assistance I received from BusinessKrafts.

  2. 5.0

    BusinessKrafts Advertising and Marketing Solutions is a just a startup, but a very good place to work for beginners in web technology, digital marketing, graphic design and creative web services. I started work with the agency from the first day of it’s establishment, that is, from 1st January 2018. I just worked for six months, but learned the beginner’s professionalism and job handling skill from the agency owner and his associates. They are very helpful in preparing the employees with certain hard and soft skills. The two months’ preparatory training I received from the company is worth unmentionable that able to make anyone a skilled and able professional.
    I left the job with completion of complete six month (on 30 June 2018) only for the personal reason that I had to sift from Jamshedpur to Delhi. Salary was not bad. At Delhi, I may get employers who may pay me more, but that’s not a big thing. BusinessKrafts is my first love. A woman led agency largely for women led startups and enterprises

  3. 5.0

    in the field of website designing, web hosting, digital marketing, market research and branding, businesskrafts.com is one of the best options. I’m satisfied with their services.

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